Our contribution to climate protection

Climate protection is saving the environment! In the 21st century, a careful use of resources should be self-evident

That's why it is important to question our own behavior and regularly improve habits and processes. Our motivation is to leave an intact environment and nature for future generations.

Active environmental protection can be found almost everywhere. On the way to work, in the choice of paper and in printing or in the behavior of the employees. Emissions can be saved in a wide variety of areas. 

We are committed to climate and environmental protection. Because in our opinion, not only every person, but every company, big or small, has the responsibility to act sustainable.

Every year we invest in carbon offsetting our total emissions. Our beautiful sightseeing buses are already driving climate neutral through Bamberg's World Heritage Site.

Furthermore, we are already setting the course for achieving an ambitious goal: fewer emissions despite growing numbers of passengers. Because with a good environmental conscience, a sightseeing tour is even more fun!