Guided Tour "Bamberg Compact"

Guided tour "Bamberg Compact"

The BambergGuide presents you the picturesque old town of Bamberg

Our guided tour "Bamberg Compact" - the tour to the highlights of the old town! With the one-hour tour "Bamberg Compact", the BambergGuide will show you all the hidden corners that you would hardly discover just driving along. 

Get to know the highlights of Bamberg's old town. The guides of BambergGuide know them all and have a lot to tell - historical as well as cheery facts and stories. And all this at very short distances, with hardly any inclines and barrier-free paths. 

A short summery of the guided tour "Bamberg Compact"

We start at the "Grüner Markt" (Green Market) next to the Neptune statue, which the natives call the "Gabelmoo" (Fork Man) because his trident. Above the gardeners on the market sits the impressive Baroque church of St. Martin. Onwards the stroll leads us through the historic town hall which forms a bridge over the river Prignitz. It offers many interesting details to discover in its facade and the magnificent view onto "Little Venice" on the banks of the river.

Through the alleys we walk across the "Lugbank" to the "Pfahlplatz" (Pole Square) with the former synagogue. Along the "Kaulberg" and "Stephansbergs" (two hills) we approach the narrow "Judengasse" (Jew Alley) . Here we look into the "Eisgrube" (Ice Pit), see the old "Braunbierhaus" (Brown Beer Haus), the "Böttinger-Palais" (Böttinger Palace) and the house, which was film set for the favous German kids movie "Das Sams". 

We make a short detour into the "Sandstraße" (Sand Street) of the lower "Bergstadt" (Hill Quarter) with its medieval houses and the famous smoked beer brewery "Schlenkerla". On this relatively short part of the tour you will learn pretty much: Who is the "Humsera" of the Green Market? What does Bamberg have in common with Venice? Why does an angel's leg reach out of the town hall's facade? How did the name "Schlenkerla" come to existence? Why is there a brewery called "Polarbär"? What are "Bamberger Seelspitzen" and who is the "Apfelweibla"?

The guides of BambergGuide are fond and enthusiastic to tell you all about these local peculiarities and also give you different tips on what more to discover. We wish you an informative and entertaining lesson!